Interact with at least 3 of our scaly Animal Ambassadors. Take photos in the Reptile Room, closed to the public during your session.  Each guest can hold 1 animal; and your group will help staff offer an Animal Ambassador a snack!

1-6 people           15 minutes         $30 

6-10 people         20 minutes         $45

(More than 10 will split into 2 encounters, or request party information.)


Interact with at least 3 of our feathered Animal Ambassadors! Take photos, each person may take photo holding a parrot. One bag of pistachio treats for parrots in outdoor enclosures.

1-4 people           20 minutes       $45

5-7 people           25 minutes       $50

8-10 people         30 minutes       $65

Interactive walk-through tour featuring our resident parrots.  This is a 25-minute encounter, mostly outdoors.  Two pistachio treat bags included.  

** Prices are for groups, plus Gardens admission per person. 

All guests must abide by CDC recommendations regarding wearing a mask or face covering. *We are limiting indoor encounters to 6 guests who are in your household.  We will have 2-3 staff present as well, and will wear masks at all times.  Staff will be available to take photos. *Children must be able to follow animal care staff’s directions in order to hold or pet the animals for their safety and the animals’ safety.   Children may be asked to sit on a stool or the floor to hold some of the animals.  Due to the close proximity needed to pet and hold the animals, staff may need to make contact with hands. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available and encouraged.  Please keep in mind that anything with a mouth CAN bite, but we would not allow the interaction if we thought there was that potential, therefore we must make our animals feel safe and comfortable at all times. Our Animal Ambassadors are under care of  DVM at all times.