Private Animal Encounters are amazing learning experiences!

Up to 10 people can enjoy a visit to the Botanical Gardens even more by scheduling a PRIVATE ANIMAL ENCOUNTER while here.   Popular occasions are birthday parties, family outings, or out-of-town guests.

Our “
Reptile Room Encounters” feature interaction with at least three scaly Animal Ambassadors!  Photos may be taken in the Reptile Room, which is closed to public during your session.  Each guest holds an animal.  The group gives one a snack! 

Group Price for 1-6 people,

for 15 minutes, is $30,

plus Gardens admission per person.

Group price for 6-10 people,

for 20 minutes, is $45,

plus Gardens admission per person.

(MEMBERS receive $5 package discount.)

{Scheduling, questions:  [email protected], 361-852-2100}

Ask us about possible CUSTOM PARROT ENCOUNTERS, depending on your group.