• Endangered Slender Rush Pea, Black-Laced Cactus colonies.
  • Pockets of Wildlife Habitat along Oso Creek.
  • Native Grasses: Highly Structured, Managed and Natural.
  • LARGE NATURAL WETLAND, with earthen dam, flashboard riser, retains water for wading bird habitat, and bio filter between neighborhood run-off and Oso Creek.
  • GATOR LAKE,  a smaller freshwater wetland receives underground rainwater run-off from drainage along FM2444, sustaining coyotes, bobcats, skunks, armadillos, javelinas from King Ranch wildlife corridor, as well as resident and migrating birds.
  • Monarch Butterfly Waystations, with native Milkweed.
  • Purple Martin Housing.
  • Hummingbird Feeding Stations.
  • Resident and Migrating Bird Feeding Stations.
  • Invasive species control, land and water.